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Seche Top Coat Nail Polish

Seche Vite top coat polish will help to strengthen the base coat of your nail polish by giving them a durable and chip-resistant finish. The brand's formulas can be used with any nail polish to create a shiny, high-gloss look. Seche Vite top coats have a number of other benefits ranging from fast drying properties to gel-like plumping effects.

What is a Seche Vite top coat?

A top coat is a final step in the process of your manicure. The top coat is used after applying a base coat and a colored polish. It helps to prolong the manicure, prevent chipping, add shine, and prevent any further damage to the nails. Seche Vite products are formulated to protect the nails and extend the life of the manicure with a top coat.

What types of top coats does Seche Vite offer?

Seche Vita offers several nail lacquer products, including:

  • Dry Fast: Seche Vite's fast drying top coat dries in minutes. This prevents nail polish from smudging or becoming damaged during the dry down period.
  • UV Activated: Seche Vite also offers a fast top coat that is activated by UV light. After applying this top coat, you place your hands under a UV lamp. Your nails will dry in about three minutes.
  • Gel Effect: The brand's gel effect top coat offers a durable finish similar to salon results. You can use this from the comfort of your own home.
How does the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat work?

The brand's patented formulas penetrate through the layers of nail polish. It binds the color coat and base coat into one single layer. This ensures that the polish stays on the nail plate longer, and it prevents unsightly peeling and chipping. It is also formulated to prevent yellowing, which occasionally happens with other nail protecting lacquers. This means it will not discolor nail art.

What nail treatments can these products be used with?

These products are meant to be the final step in a manicure, but they have other uses. When used with a base coat and polish, it will help achieve a complete manicure. The top coat can also be used with nail enhancements. The safe formula will not damage acrylic extensions. You can also use these products on their own to protect natural nails from damage. The top coat's glossy finish gives nails a luxurious and long-lasting shine.

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