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Shimano Bicycle Components and Parts

Shimano makes bicycle parts and components such as rear derailleurs, brakes, gears, and accessories. You need to have an understanding of the different parts so you can maintain and use them properly. Here are some aspects of Shimano bicycle parts and components you should know.

What is a Shimano derailleur?

A Shimano rear derailleur is the mechanism used to move the chain down to the smallest sprocket when there is not any cable tension applied. All the combined sprockets are clustered together in an arrangement called a cassette. The smaller socket's placement is equal to the easiest gear to peddle a bike. There are front and rear derailleurs on bikes. The front derailleur often consists of a single sprocket, but it can have several sprockets. The rear derailleur typically has at least ten sprockets or more. A chain connects the two derailleurs together to form a single unit that works together to power your bicycle.

How do you change gears on a bike?

When cycling down the road, the left-hand gear shifter moves your front derailleur and the right-hand shifter the controls the rear one. One way to remember which shifter moves which derailleur is to remember that right equals rear.

Only shift when moving forward. It is a good idea to practice shifting and feeling the changes while riding on a flat surface and looking down to see the position of the gears. Use a lower gear whenever you start pedaling from a complete stop or going uphill. Shift up once you have speed or are going downhill.

When you gear down to the small sprockets, pedaling is easier, but you lose power. When you gear up onto the larger sprockets, pedaling is more difficult but you generate more horsepower. For those bikes with front and rear derailleurs, you can move the chain onto different sprocket arrangement to find which gears are more suitable for hills versus flat-land riding.

How should you clean Shimano cycling shoes?

Shimano cycling shoes need to be cleaned in a certain manner. Consider these tips when cleaning these cycling shoes:

  • Remove the cleats.
  • Take a towel,and place it in a pillowcase.
  • Place one shoe in the sleeping bag.
  • Tie the opening of the pillowcase shut.
  • Place the filled pillowcase in your washing machine.
  • Repeat the process with the other shoe.

Once your shoes are cleaned, you will want to air dry them.

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