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Side Marker Lights for Pontiac G8

Properly functioning side marker lights give your G8 sedan the ability to ward off danger by glowing from all sides. Find the right lights for your vehicle and stay safe on the road with this selection of side marker lights for Pontiac G8 models.

What purpose do side marker lights serve?

Side marker lights augment the function of your main headlights by providing another way for other drivers and pedestrians to make out the position of your vehicle in the dark. While some side markers are comprised of simple reflectors that do not contain a light source, side markers with light bulbs inside are more effective because they shine whenever the headlights are turned on and can operate even when no external light sources are present.

Where are side marker lights located?

In order to best supplement the function of the headlights installed in your car, the side marker lights in a Pontiac G8 are installed on the right and left sides of the front end. These lights are embedded in the bumper about equidistant between the fog lights and the headlights.

What are the different types of side marker lights?

Beyond conventional incandescent lights, powerful and long-lasting light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are also available for the side marker lights in your G8. Incandescent lights make use of a filament and glass housing to project a beam of light through the lens of a side marker. LEDs take up a very small footprint, use a tiny amount of electricity, and are one of the brightest lighting technologies available. Perhaps most impressively, each LED diode is rated to last for up to 50,000 hours, or over 5.7 years of continuous use.

How do you install side marker lights in a Pontiac G8?

Replacing a cracked lens or upgrading to LED side marker lights in your Pontiac is made easy by following these intuitive installation instructions. Replacing both side marker lights should only take about 30 minutes and requires a flat head screwdriver to complete.

  1. Turn off the engine and pick a side to start with if replacing both side marker lights. Locate the side marker light between the headlight and fog lamp.
  2. Cover a flat head screwdriver with a cloth to protect the finish on your Pontiac and pry the side marker light assembly loose from the top.
  3. Pull the side marker light away from the vehicle and disconnect the electrical harness.
  4. Connect the electrical harness to the new side marker light assembly and pop it into the cavity to complete installation. Repeat these instructions for the opposite side if necessary.