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Scion FR-S Side Marker Lights

The side marker lights on your car are both practical and aesthetic. They provide an additional source of light and reflection so that other drivers can see you at night. Each light has its own appearance and characteristics.

What does OEM mean?

Car manufacturers dont create all of the parts and pieces themselves. Usually, many of the elements in a new car are created by specialized third-party companies, and the major manufacturer, like Toyota, assembles them in the factory. The company that made one of these parts is called the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM. You can buy OEM pieces as replacements for a broken light. The alternative is an aftermarket light, which is simply any model made by a different company. These can be similar to the OEM version or quite different in terms of shape, color, intensity, or style.

What options are there for replacement lights for your Scion?

There are two main approaches to take for your Scion based on what types of lights there are. The first is to get a basic replacement side marker light that is exactly like the original. This choice is ideal if you love the look of the stock lights. The other choice is to get a performance light. These can have more extreme designs, and you have more control over how they look. The best choice for you depends on which of them you like best visually. Some of the performance models can have extra effects or special features for those who want to go in a more exotic direction. Take into account what your Scions headlights and taillights look like so that you can establish a consistent lighting theme, especially when it comes to the more adventurous styles. There is no right answer other than what you want to see on your car.

How do you care for Scion FR-S lights?

The most basic upkeep for your FR-Ss lights is cleaning. Make sure to wipe them off frequently, especially in bad weather, like snow or rain. Accumulation of dirt and mud can damage the surface. Impacts from gravel, rocks, or other objects can scratch or break through the cover. If this happens, you should consider a replacement. It is a good idea to take extra care during the winter due to the presence of salt on the road. You should also do an extra inspection if you have gone by a construction site because they tend to throw up additional gravel. Aside from regular cleaning and attention, a side marker light doesnt need much work on your part to keep it functioning.