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Sky Dresses for Women

Sky offers a wide variety of dresses for women looking to complete casual, formal, and seasonal looks. Available in various materials, cuts, and styles, Sky dresses for women allow women to find pieces that complement their wardrobe.

What are some types of dresses?

Women can choose from a wide variety of styles in dresses including:

  • Bandeau: These dresses go straight down from a form-fitting tube around the woman's chest.
  • Sheath: These close-fitting dresses often end about the knees.
  • Blouson: These dresses fit tight at the waist with fabric from the top flowing down to cover the waist.
  • Tunic: These loose-fitting, shirt-like dresses can be long or short.
  • Pencil: The lower part of these dresses fit close to the skin, and they end at or about the knees.
  • Asymmetrical: These dresses feature an asymmetrical hemline.
  • Bandage: These tight-fitting dresses often have the texture of rolled bandages.
  • High-low: The hemline on these dresses is high in the front and low in the back.
  • Empire: These dresses have a fitted bodice that ends just below the bust, and they usually have full skirts.
  • Bodycon: These dresses usually trace a woman's natural curves.
What are some sleeve styles found on women's dresses?

While not all dresses have sleeves, women can find options with many different styles of sleeves including:

  • Batwing: These sleeves often extend towards the waist with the elongated armhole looking like a bat's wing.
  • Bell: These sleeves are narrow where they join the dress, and they become wider as they get longer.
  • Kimino: These wide sleeves are cut with the bodice.
  • Raglan: These close-fitting sleeves form a diagonal line from the armpit to the neckline.
  • Petal: These sleeves are made with two pieces overlaping to form the shape of a petal.
  • Cuffed: These sleeves often end by encircling the wrist in fabric, and they often have buttons.
  • Bishop: These sleeves often flare out before gathering at the wrist.
  • Puff: These sleeves usually gather at the top and bottom while being full in the middle.
What are some fabrics used in women's dresses?

There are many different fabrics used in women's dresses including:

  • Satin: This sleek and glossy fabric is made with long filaments and a special weave.
  • Poplin: The crosswise ribs in this fabric often give it a corded appearance.
  • Taffeta: This plain weave fabric is usually made of silk or rayon.
  • Organza: This plain weave, sheer fabric is usually made of silk.
  • Jersey: This stretchy fabric usually has one piled side and one flat side.
  • Voile: This sheer fabric often has a net-like appearance.
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