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Snap-on Automotive Hand Wrenches

Not all wrenches are made equal. Since 1920, the Snap-on company has been making tools that every mechanic wants in their line-up. The company started by offering a socket snap on wrench that featured ten sockets that would simply snap on to five interchangeable handles, the slogan was 5 do the work of 50. Over the years, the company has expanded and offers a full line of reliable tools. The quality of the tool is as important as the tool itself; a high-quality manufactured tool will last for years. Make Snap-on your go-to brand for automotive wrenches.

Flank Drive Wrenches

The Flank Drive Plus wrenches are designed with a patented open end design that delivers more turning power than other open end wrenches by gripping on the sides, away from the corners giving you the power to turn even the most stubborn fasteners. With Snap-on Flank Drive Plus wrenches you get sure-gripping performance at both ends of the wrench making the tool not only efficient but comfortable to use, even when the job takes longer than expected.

Types of Wrenches

The biggest advantage to using an adjustable wrench is the flexibility of not needing to change tools when the size of the bolt changes. If you only have one wrench in your toolbox, make it an adjustable one. Non-adjustable Snap-on wrenches come in various styles: open end, boxed, and a combination of the two. With the open end and boxed style, you get two sizes on one tool, but with the combination style you get the same size on both ends.

Snap-on Wrench Set

Not sure what sizes you will need? Consider going with a complete wrench set. With the multitude of sizes available in a set, you get everything you need to get the project finished in one convenient location. Using a socket snap on wrench set means that no matter the size of the bolt you encounter, you will always be prepared to get the job done. Mechanics need a tool that will last for a long time because once you find the tool that works for you, you dont want to replace it every few years.