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A Short Introduction to Snap-On Toolboxes

Established in 1920, Snap-On manufactures tools and toolboxes. It uses metal, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic to craft its large variety of storage. 

What kinds of toolboxes will you find here? 

You can find virtually any kind of Snap-On toolbox for sale. Snap-on manufactures the seven main kinds of toolboxes, which include the following:  

  • Hand-carry
  • Stationary drawer
  • Roll-around
  • Roll-around toolboxes with built-in workbenches
  • Portable trolley
  • Organizer sets
  • Truck-mounted

You will also find tool belts and Snap-On tools for sale. 

How do you know which Snap-On toolbox you need? 

The right tool storage options will depend on how you need to store and use your tools. A hand-carry toolbox provides the most portable storage method. These small rectangular handled boxes can hold the most basic tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches, but cannot accommodate larger items like saws, except a small hand saw. They come in various colors and sizes. An organizer set consists of tools in a storage container. This may be a kit box, tool belt, or tray. A stationary drawer toolbox somewhat resembles a chest of drawers. It provides a tall storage unit with many drawers that allow you to organize your tools. Like any other piece of large furniture, you place it and leave it there. Roll-around toolboxes also resemble a chest of drawers but are mounted on wheels. Mechanics favor these since they can roll the tool chest around the vehicle to reach things where and when they need them. A sub-set of this type is the roll-around toolbox with a built-in workbench. While both have large drawers at the bottom designed for heavier tools like an ax, drill machine or hammer, the latter has a plain surface on top designed to serve as a workstation. A portable trolley style features a lightweight design with wheels intended for easy transport and movement around the workspace. Truck-mounted toolboxes install in the bed of a truck. 

What materials are toolboxes made from? 

You’ll find hand-carry tool boxes made of high-density plastic and metal. Plastic provides the most lightweight toolboxes while metal proves heartier. Organizer kits often come in canvas or leather tool belts or in plastic cases. You can find an aluminum or metal Snap-On rolling toolbox with or without a workbench. These are also suitable materials for trolley-style and truck-mounted toolboxes. These stronger materials support heavier tools and a sturdy base for a workbench. Some styles come in wood or composite, typically older toolboxes. These may include a used Snap-On toolboxes. 

Types of truck-mounted tool storage 

You can install truck-mounted storage using a kit that provides the flexibility of placement. ou can find a toolbox for sale that mounts in three main ways:  

  • Side-mount
  • Rail-top
  • Cross bed