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Tips for Buying a Sony Wiring Harness

If you need better cable management for your Sony stereo or MP3, eBay has a fantastic selection of new and refurbished Sony wiring harnesses available. If you want to know more about wiring harnesses so you can make a better purchasing decision, read on as there's some helpful information.

How do you choose the right Sony wiring harness?

There are a number of crucial factors to keep in mind when selecting a Sony wiring harness. Below are a few of the most valuable elements to keep in mind:

  • Connectivity: These devices use connectivity methods called "pins." Most are 12 Pin connectors, but there are 4 and 6 pin options available as well.
  • Quantity: Check how many wiring harnesses your device will require before making a final decision.
  • Power capacity: How much power can be safely transferred by these cables at once.
  • Storage space: How many wires and terminals a given wiring harness can hold at a given time.
  • New or refurbished: There are two kinds of wiring harnesses available. Some are third-party options created specifically to function as replacement parts. Others are refurbished wiring harnesses taken from original Sony hardware. Original options will have this specified somewhere in the listing's title or description.
What devices and products can these harnesses be used with?

eBay has Sony wiring harness products available for a wide selection of its devices. Many types of technology use wiring harnesses, but the options available on eBay are for use with Sony radio and audio playback devices. The majority of the selection is for Sony's wide variety of quality car stereos, which means these products will work wonderfully for repairs and renovations. There are Sony wiring harnesses available for individual CD and MP3 players as well. You can also find wiring harnesses for Sony's well-liked series of Xplod AM/FM radios. Regardless of what you're looking for, eBay's stellar selection has you covered.

Are there different versions of wiring harnesses?

Yes. While all of these heavy-duty and quality wiring harnesses are made by Sony, each is to be used with a specific Sony device, appliance, or vehicle. Some are for car stereos, others for CD players, and there are even some options available for handheld XM and MP3 players. eBay has complete devices with a freshly installed Sony Wiring Harness to appeal to those who want the most complete package. Below are some of the more prominent models of Sony wiring harnesses:

  • Sony MEXN5100BT Wiring Harness
  • Sony XPLOD 16-Pin Radio Wiring harness
  • Sony In-Dash CD/Am/FM XM Player Wiring Harness
  • Sony XAV-601BT RCA Wiring Harness
  • Sony C680 MP70 Wiring Harness
What is a wiring harness?

A wiring harness is a tightly bound set of wires for use with devices like radios, vehicles, and more. Cables included in wiring harnesses are often crucial to the device's functionality, which is why they aren't a single, loose cable like most others. Wiring harnesses aren't just for wires. They also include necessary connectivity hardware, like terminals, relays, and heavy-duty connectors. These cables are capable of transferring much more significant amounts of power than more standard options. The harness itself is what allows these cables to be safely handled and applied without the risk of electricity damage.