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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Soundcraft Digital Live and Studio Mixers

When you enjoy playing music or collaborating with a band or musician to customize their music, it helps to have the right digital live or studio mixer available. A quality digital live or studio mixer allows you to use preset functions, mix different tracks, access different media types, and add your own voice or others' voices to the audio output. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of new and used Soundcraft digital mixers at a range of affordable prices.

What are the applications of an affordable Soundcraft digital mixer?

Below are the applications for an affordable Soundcraft digital mixer on eBay:

  • Home recording - Record music and vocals at home.
  • Stage and live sound - This type of console is designed for the stage environment with a live audience.
  • Studio recording and monitoring - These consoles have playback functions and can record multiple tracks.
  • Front of house - Use this type for live performances when you want to add special effects while in motion.
What are the features of Soundcraft digital mixers on eBay?

Some features of Soundcraft digital mixers are detailed here:

  • Built-in effects - Just push one button to add the effect to the audio output.
  • High-pass filter - Remove high tones from the music before the output stage.
  • Wireless - It connects to the internet with Bluetooth or other wireless technology.
  • Rack mountable - Keep the console in a fixed position on a rack.
  • Wi-Fi compatible - This allows you to connect the mixer to the internet or your network.
What are the inputs and outputs on Soundcraft digital mixers?

The audio inputs and outputs on a Soundcraft digital speaker include:

  • Analog RCA or coaxial out - Connect this with speakers and a subwoofer.
  • Analog XLR out - This also works with amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers.
  • RCA in (AES3) - This allows you to connect analog inputs.
  • TRS 6.35 mm in and out - Connect guitars, drums, and keyboards with this port.
  • USB interface - Use this to access stored digital media on a portable drive or device.
How do you choose a Soundcraft digital mixer on eBay?

Consider the following factors when you are shopping on eBay for an affordable Soundcraft digital mixer:

  • Number of channels - The number of channels ranges from fewer than eight to more than 54.
  • Number of buses - The range of bus numbers is two to 20.
  • Power status - Select powered or non-powered.
  • Type - The options include microphone mixers and mixing consoles.
  • Condition - Choose a new, manufacturer's refurbished, or used audio mixer.