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Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Machines Can Make Your Laundromat More Efficient

Speed Queen's line of affordable laundry equipment can help you run an efficient business. Its products can handle a high volume of laundry on a daily basis. These laundry machines are great for laundromats and residential buildings and can be found on eBay.

What machines are available from Speed Queen?

Speed Queen has a variety of machines available for laundromat use. Some of these laundry products include:

  • Front loader
  • Top loader
  • Tumble dryers
  • Washer/dryers
Why does some equipment need to be hard mounted?

There are some machines that need to be bolted to the ground. This equipment can tip and create a safety issue. Top-loading machines are generally considered soft-mounted. They are stable enough to stand on their own. Front-loading washers need this extra support. They must be mounted into a concrete or metal surface of the laundry area.

Why should you replace laundry equipment with Speed Queen models?

Speed Queen has a full line of energy-efficient laundromat machines. They can help you save money on utilities while still operating at full capacity. Their cycle modifiers let you customize your wash and dry cycles. You can even change the pricing level according to the time of day. The Quantum Controls allow you to program up to 30 different water levels. Speed Queen machines are available in most markets and on eBay, so if you need certain parts, you can find a replacement near you.

Can the machines stack on top of each other?

Speed Queen has a few machines that are stackable and can save you space in your laundromat. Its line of stack tumbler dryers can double the capacity in a single space. They are available in 30- and 46-pound capacities. Speed Queen also has a washer and dryer combination that can be stacked. These units also let you use the same connections without any additional hookups or extra parts. These machines are available in 21.5- and 18-pound capacities. Stack dryers are also available for purchase through eBay. These units can easily fit into a preexisting space in your laundry area. They are available with an 18-pound capacity cylinder.

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