Sunflower Seeds Offer Convenient Snacking on the Go

Sunflower seeds are a portable snack that you can enjoy while at home and on the go. The seeds now come in convenient packages that offer single servings and larger bags that you can divide. Some come salted and flavored in different ways, but others come unsalted with the shells still in place. You can use these seeds as a healthier alternative to some of your other snacks.

How many calories are in a serving?

A serving of sunflower seeds is 1/4 cup. When you choose a dry-roasted variety that does not contain any added fats or flavors, a serving has 186 calories. The number of calories per serving increases based on what the manufacturer adds to the mix. Those that contain added seasonings can have up to an additional 10 or more calories per serving.

Are sunflower seeds a healthy snack?

These seeds have a slightly nutty and salty flavor that can kick your cravings for other foods. They are a healthy alternative for those on a diet because the seeds act as a protein substitute that can fill you up. Vitamin E and other nutrients in the seeds can have some health benefits, too. In addition to eating the seeds as-is, you can use them in other dishes. You might add a handful to your morning smoothie or have a serving with some peanut butter for lunch. Once you crack the seeds, you can sprinkle them on salads also.

What are some of the different types of sunflower seeds?

Before buying sunflower seeds, you should consider all your options. There are organic sunflower seeds that come from organically grown sunflowers and lack additives and preservatives. Non-GMO seeds are free of genetically modified materials. Some companies make kosher seeds that are safe for those following a kosher diet. You'll also find seeds that have seasonings added to them, including Old Bay, ranch, and dill pickle spices. Roasted seeds go through a long and slow roasting process to bring out their natural flavors. There are also shelled and unshelled varieties available. You can choose raw sunflower seeds too, which you can use in different ways.

Are sunflower seeds keto-friendly?

The keto diet limits how many carbs you can eat but allows you to snack on sunflower seeds. A serving of basic seeds has one gram of fat and five grams of net carbs. You can eat both salted and unsalted seeds on this diet. Some of the flavored varieties may have more carbs and/or fat.