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Upgrade Your Curriculum With Used Switched-On Schoolhouse Software

Using Switched-On Schoolhouse software in the classroom is a great way to engage students while following a set curriculum. On eBay, there is a plethora of different Alpha Omega school software, which is why it is essential that you find the one that is right for your needs.

What types of Switched-On Schoolhouse discs are available?

Switched-On Schoolhouse offers a wide variety of software so that you can find a disc that you can integrate into whatever you are teaching your students. Switched-On Schoolhouse software is broken up by:

  • Grade - Alpha Omega offers SOS software sets for grades 3 through 12.
  • Subject - Each set provides standard classes for each grade such as English and History along with advanced courses that correspond with the particular age range. You can always mix and match courses, as your student may want to take a specific subject as an elective instead of a core class.
  • Year - New subjects are often offered in each edition along with updated courses from previous editions.
What are some features of Switched-On Schoolhouse discs?
  • Automatic grading: You can preview assignments along with keep track of the students scores and assignments within the software. It notifies you whenever you need to grade something so that you can save time and provide more hands-on work with students instead of focusing on paperwork.
  • Daily work report: The report tool tracks the day-to-day progress of your students. You can quickly view your students daily activities, print records for documentation, and promote student accountability.
  • Multimedia and learning activities: Switched-On Schoolhouse discs offer exciting videos, interactive learning modules, and timelines. This feature challenges students to understand and retain difficult concepts before utilizing that knowledge with hands-on practice.
  • Revised content: Alpha Omega SOS provides students with up-to-date data on a variety of topics so that they are always learning the most accurate information. The revised content contains additional activities and problems as well as changes to the texts.
Are Switched-On Schoolhouse discs reusable?

Yes, Switched-On Schoolhouse discs are reusable. There is an option in the Alpha Omega home screen that allows you to clear the CD so that you can remove any sensitive data about your student. After erasing the disc, you just re-enter the information of your new student to begin class. Since the software is reusable, you can always use the CD with another student, gift the software to someone else, or resell the set whenever you no longer need it.

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