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Mazda B2500 Tail Lights

The Mazda B2500 is a lightweight pickup truck, and it was made in partnership with Ford Motor Company with vehicles also bearing the Ford Ranger name. These pickup trucks were produced from 1961 through 2006, and they featured two doors with the engine in the front and rear-wheel drive for performance. If a replacement of the tail lights is necessary, many of the parts are available, so you can easily replace and upgrade.

What are the features of Mazda B2500 tail lights?
  • Smoked or tinted covers: There are tinted covers available to change the aesthetics of the tail lights. These are typically for auxiliary lighting. In the multiple function products, the covers for the braking indicators are red, and the covers for the turning blinkers are amber. The covers for the nighttime illumination are transparent.
  • Multiple functions: The tail lights may be integrated with the turn signals or hazard lights. The replacement units for the Mazdas typically feature vertical construction, in which the top section is for the brakes, the middle section is for turn signals, and the bottom section is for illumination at night. In some models, this construction is reversed with the nighttime illumination part on top and the braking indicator on the bottom.
  • Light emitting diode bulb compatibility: Older models of the Mazda B2500 typically use incandescent or xenon halogen units. There are available kits so that you can upgrade the older production years of the vehicles to use light emitting diode bulbs. The LEDs use little power and emit little heat while they are running. They also feature a long lifespan.
How do you choose Mazda B2500 tail lights?
  • Select the model year and trim level of your Mazda: Changes in the exterior body over different generations and model years include changes in the shaping and sizing of the lights. Some of the premium trim levels in the Mazdas also have different styling for these parts.
  • Choose the position on the vehicle: Select a tail light assembly for the right side or the left side of the Mazda.
  • Select a cover, full assembly kit, or bulb: Choose a replacement cover, a replacement bulb, or a full tail light assembly kit for the Mazda. The kits may include housing, plastic covers, and the bulbs that are needed for your auto to be road-worthy.
What are the types of tail lights for Mazda B2500?

There are many styles of tail lights for the B2500. Some locales require the use of a third brake light. These are made in a bar configuration and placed in the center back of the truck. There are also xenon halogen lights. These taillights convey information about when you are using your brakes so that other drivers can respond to your change of speed. There are also parts that offer multiple functions, including hazard, turn signals, and brake lights within a single assembly and with just one LED bulb in the housing.