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Taillights for Mazda CX-7

The tail or rear lights are an important safety feature of your Mazda CX-7s lighting system for you and other drivers, and its a feature often taken for granted. Your Mazdas rear lights provide valuable information to other drivers about where youre going and what youre doing. When its time to replace any part of your rear lamp assembly, choose top-quality replacement parts so that you can look after your safety and that of others while youre on the road.

How do rear lamps work?

Your rear lamps are wired directly to your battery and are turned on automatically when your headlights are, giving you one less task. Since the head and rear lamps are wired to the same switch, they function in sync and for your convenience. During stops, rear lamps have a brighter red glow instead of the dimmer red glow when used when the vehicle is moving. Where automatic lamps are installed, the rear lamps turn on wherever the vehicle is in operation.

How do you install rear lamps?
  • Remove the current rear lamp assembly: Youll need to remove the cover or paneling to access the rear lamps by opening the trunk. Using a screwdriver, remove the paneling so that you can access the rear lamp assembly. Carefully remove the rear lamp bulbs and wires from the assembly so as not to break any of the bulbs. Remove all of the bolts and screws securing the rear lamps youre replacing to the car. Once all of the bolts or screws are out, remove the assembly housing from the car.
  • Install the replacement rear lamp assembly: Place the replacement assembly in the exact place where you just removed the old one, using the appropriate screws and bolts. Next, secure the wiring and bulbs in their proper places in the assembly housing and replace the paneling or cover you removed to secure it all. To finish, test your rear lamps to make sure all of the functions work as they should.
What types of rear lamps are there?

The most common type of rear lamps are Halogen lamps, which are standard on many cars and trucks. LED lamps are increasingly being used in rear lamps as they use less energy and outlast traditional halogen lamps. To a lesser extent, xenon lamps are used because they shine at a higher intensity than the other types and use an electrical arc instead of a traditional filament.