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Mazda MPV Taillights

Make sure that your multipurpose vehicle has got you covered from behind by keeping your taillights bright and up to date. Replacement and upgraded taillight offerings for the Mazda MPV come in a wide variety of lighting technologies and tint options. Sort through the following offerings and pick out the right Mazda MPV taillights for your car.

What are the advantages of smoked taillights?

By layering a thin piece of tinted film over the inside of a taillight lens, some headlight manufacturers manage to impart a covert look to what would otherwise be your everyday brake lights. While smoked lights may appear darker on the road, they still emit the same amount of the necessary illumination that keeps you and other drivers safe. These are mostly used for aesthetic purposes and dont affect how the taillights function.

What are the benefits of Mazda LED taillights?

While other types of taillights are available for the Mazda MPV, LED lighting is an updated technology with a wide variety of automotive applications. LED light bulbs, called diodes, are energy-efficient while producing a prodigious amount of illumination. LED lights also don’t get hot to the touch after being on for hours, take up a tiny amount of space, and are rated to last 50,000 hours. For perspective, that means you could leave an LED light on for over five years straight before running the risk of burnout.

How do you replace the third brake light?

Also called the high mount stop light, the third brake light enables other drivers to notice when you slow down regardless if your taillights are obscured. Replacing this important automotive component is easy and takes about half an hour to complete. Follow these simple instructions to remove your old high mount stop light and get set up with an upgrade or replacement:

  • Turn off the engine and disconnect the battery. Locate the high mount stop light at the top of the vehicle and open the tailgate.
  • Remove the plastic tailgate liner at the top of the tailgate. Push in the tabs at the top and bottom of the assembly and gently wiggle it free from the housing.
  • From the outside of the car, disconnect the electrical harness from the old light.
  • Position the new assembly into place and connect the electrical harness. Gently push the light into the housing until you hear the tabs snap into place.
  • Replace the tailgate liner and reconnect the battery to complete the installation.