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Mazda Protege Tail Lights

The tail lights are a vital part of the Mazda Protege car, and they can also serve aesthetic purposes. Standard factory taillights are available as well as aftermarket tail lights that allow for a different aesthetic on the rear view of the Protege.

What are Euro tail lights?

The key distinguishing feature on Euro-style tail lights is the clear, smooth lens cover that offers an unobstructed view of the tail light assembly. Many aftermarket tail light manufacturers make use of this design element to showcase LEDs in eye-catching patterns, halo rings, light bars, bright chrome bezels, smokey bezels, and deep black bezels. As the name indicates, European tail lights have had this clear lens cover feature for a long time and have inspired this look in other vehicles worldwide.

Can you replace your Protege tail lights with LED bulbs?

There are several aftermarket options for LED replacements. LED "bulbs" dont resemble typical halogen bulbs because they arent constructed in the same way, but these LED replacements are designed to plug into halogen sockets and to work with the electronic systems already present in the vehicle.

Do black tail lights provide enough illumination?

The black color comes from the housing and bezel of the tail light, not the bulbs or LEDs, so the light output of black tail lights is as adequate as any other tail light on the market. The dark colors surrounding the light elements in the assembly make a dramatic style statement in contrast to the red color of the tail light when it is on.

How do you replace the tail lights on a Protege?

You will need the following materials:

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Socket set
  • New tail lights

Follow these instructions to replace:

  • Locate the bulb you intend to replace, and open the trunk to gain access to the bulb assembly.
  • Remove the wing nuts and fasteners holding the panel.
  • Remove the panel to access the rivets. Remove the rivets by prying up the center first, followed by the base.
  • Pull back the trunk lining to gain access to the light assembly.
  • Remove the bolts that secure the housing by turning them counterclockwise.
  • Take the housing out of the vehicle, and remove the bulb assembly by twisting it counterclockwise.
  • Remove the bulbs from their sockets by pulling them straight out.
  • While wearing gloves, snap in the new bulbs, and then repeat the steps in reverse order to replace the light assembly in your vehicle.