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Tail Lights for Saturn LW2

Saturn LW2 Tail Lights

Taillights are some of the most basic safety necessities on a Saturn LW2. Placed on the rear of the vehicle, the taillights remain on as long as the headlights are activated. If you are looking for replacement taillights for your Saturn, here are some options to consider.

What types of taillights are used with the Saturn LW2?
  • LED Lights: Light Emitting Diode, or LED, bulbs have been a type of bulb used in taillights for cars since the year 2000. These taillights are actually clusters of multiple small LED bulbs combined to create one bright light. LED bulbs are selected because of their clarity and efficient energy use. A Saturn LW2 must have the appropriate wiring to use an LED taillight.
  • Halogen Lights: Halogen light bulbs are the traditional type of bulb used for all taillights. Compact halogen bulbs rely on halogen gas and a burning filament to produce light.
  • Xenon lights: Xenon taillights have been in use since 1991. These bulbs are known for their bright discharge and can take up to 30 seconds to reach full intensity. Xenon bulbs are made of fused quartz and generate light from an arc of electricity igniting xenon gas within the bulb.
How do you replace a taillight on a Saturn LW2?
  • First, identify which light is out, and ensure the vehicle engine is turned off with the key removed from the ignition.
  • Second, remove the electrical wiring from the vehicles taillight assembly.
  • Third, disconnect the taillight bulb from the electrical wiring.
  • Fourth, install the new bulb into the wiring. Be mindful of the fact that not every type of bulb is compatible with every wiring harness.
  • Fifth, reconnect the wiring with the new bulb to the vehicles taillight assembly. Turn on the vehicle to test that the new bulb is working.
What tools are needed to replace taillights on a Saturn?

The tools required for replacing the taillight on your car are few and will likely already be in your tool kit. The first tool youll likely need is a socket wrench set. These wrenches are good in a tight space and are frequently required for loosening bolts on the LW2 taillight assembly. Second, youll need a screwdriver set. In some Saturn cars, the taillight assembly is fastened to the rear of the car body by screws instead of bolts. Its possible the taillight assembly uses either flathead screws or cross-shaped Phillips screws, so its ideal to have both type of screwdrivers on hand.