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Tail Lights for Subaru Legacy

Tail Lights for Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy taillights come in a variety of different silhouettes. Bezels, lenses, and bulbs make taillights appear differently based on a driver’s personal aesthetic taste. Cleaning taillights regularly helps to maintain visibility and safety in harsh conditions.

What styles of taillights are there for the Legacy?

Subaru Legacy taillights come in many different styles, including individualized, factory, LED, and black.

  • Individualized Subaru taillights come with a variety of different bezel options and lens options. Some are lighter and some are darker. Bezels include painted black, metallic finishes, and a few different colors. Taillights are almost always red, but shades vary.
  • Factory Subaru Legacy taillight styles are typically on the lighter side. Subaru bezels tend to be minimalist and clear, while lenses vary between true and light red. There are few embellishments as far as depth and angles.
  • LED taillights utilize a particular type of bulb. These models tend to be especially bright; they focus light so that it shines brightly behind a car. This may be especially helpful in inclement weather or fog.
  • Black Legacy model taillights appear black during the daytime and while they are not being used but still glow traditional red. They are slightly darker than usual and come in all different shapes and silhouettes to suit a variety of Legacy vehicle models and years.
What kinds of bulbs are options for your vehicle?

LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs can all be used in Subaru Legacy taillights. LED lights are comparatively small, shine brightly, and last for a long time. Halogen bulbs glow very brightly and have a white hue. They feature a capsule at the center made from quartz to house the filament. Incandescent bulbs are typical bulbs that tend to glow slightly more yellow than white.

How do you clean taillights on your sedan?

Subaru taillights are often cleaned as a part of routine washing. However, trekking through excess amounts of mud can leave them particularly dirty. To clean your taillights, mix warm water and soap together into a solution. Apply it to the car with a soft sponge and rub gently until the debris is removed. Rinse the taillights with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth.

Any hard water spots can be removed with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar applied directly to the lights. Take care to let the paste harden before rinsing it away.