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Choosing your Tajima Industrial Embroidery Machine

Embroidery machines are ones that use colored stitches to create a design or pattern. You can use the versatile Tajima embroidery machine in an industrial setting for creating designs on clothes and textile. These affordable new and pre-owned Tajima industrial embroidery machines are available on eBay.

What are the types of Tajima embroidery machines?

There are different machines to choose from. These are:

  • Combined sewing embroidery machines: These machines are computerized. They have adjustable settings and can use both a single and multi-needle head. You can choose either depending on your project.
  • Single-needle embroidery machines: These are the basic Tajima embroidery machines with a removable embroidery unit. They are easy to use and are good for more general projects or intricate stitch patterns. They have only one head made of a needle, thread, bobbin, and other components that are part of the product. It has a single point of hoop attachment.
  • Multi-needle embroidery machines: This is a more professional machine that can have anywhere between 4-10 needles with different colors on each one. You do not have to replace the thread so often. Instead, you simply change the needle. They can hold two points of hoop attachments, and the head makes 400-1000 stitches.
What types of machines are there based on embroidery?

There isnt a single machine that supports all kinds of embroidery techniques. Based on the types of embroidery processes, these machines fall into two categories:

  • Free-motion machine: The benefit of this one is the control of the machines direction by the embroider as well as the stitching and needle size. It requires learning the skill of stitching because everything is done by you.
  • Computerized machine: These machines create decorative designs by simply entering in the details of the pattern. They can even store your designs to use for later. Some even use the computer to access new embroidery designs.
What are the different features of embroidery machines?

Other than needles and quilting table, embroidery machines can also include:

  • Hoops: Come in different sizes to carve out the work area.
  • Design editing: Some machines have design editing software to check the end result.
  • Screens: For computerized machines.
  • Presser: For running stitches with your foot.
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