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Choosing a Tamron Camera Lens

With the right camera lens, you can capture a large variety of different types of photos from landscapes and fashion photos to candid images. These Tamron lenses can also be compatible with numerous types of cameras, including both film and digital cameras. The focal lengths available with these units can vary substantially, ranging anywhere from 6.5 millimeters to 600 millimeters.

What are the different types of lenses to select from?
  • Macro: This is a type of lens that is designed to capture photos that are very close to the subject in the picture without losing any of the focus. The resulting image is one that makes the object in the photo appear larger than life. These lenses usually have a magnification ratio of 1:1.
  • Wide-angle: This is any type of lens that comes with a small focal length. Any length that is smaller than 50 millimeters would be considered a wide-angle length.
  • Zoom: These lenses offer a variable amount of lengths, such as 18-300 millimeters, providing you with the ability to alter the length to any number between the two options. With this type of lens, you can quickly change from a long shot to a close-up shot.
  • Telephoto: This is a type of lens that comes with a long focal length, which provides you with an image that is magnified and has a narrow field of view. The length of these lenses will typically be 60 millimeters or longer.
  • Fish-eye: These are lenses that capture images at wide angles of up to 180 degrees. Due to the way in which the image is captured, distortion occurs at the edges for a hemispherical effect.
What do the different focus types refer to?
  • Auto: This is a type of system that makes use of a small motor within the lens to automatically focus the image on a certain object or point of interest. By having the focus done automatically before you snap the photo, you are able to avoid needing to alter these settings yourself.
  • Manual: With this type of focus system, you are required to manually change the focus settings before each photo, which can be accomplished via a focus ring that can be found around the base or middle of the lens.
  • Auto/manual: Some cameras come with the ability to switch between both autofocus and manual focus modes depending on your preference for any given picture.
What does the maximum aperture of a camera lens indicate?

The maximum aperture of a camera lens refers to how much light is let in by the shutter of the lens when it is snapping a photo, which can have an effect on the exposure of an image. Some Tamron lenses will come with an aperture range, such as f/3.5-6.3. The smaller number in this aperture range is the maximum aperture. Given the fact that smaller numbers indicate larger apertures, this means that more light is coming through the lens. With higher apertures, such as f/22, only a small amount of light gets through the lens.

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