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All You Need to Know About Tan Physics Tanning Lotions

When you want to step into your summer skin without stepping into the sun, apply Tan Physics tanning lotions to achieve a golden glow. This brand's sunless tanner, pre-tan exfoliant, hydrating suntan extender, and mitt for applications are available on eBay in various amounts and combinations.

Advantages of using Tan Physics tanning lotion

Enjoy safe tanning and luxurious skin as well as other features found in this tanning lotion:

  • No orange tint: When applying Tan Physics self-tanning products, you'll notice a natural-looking color and silky-smooth texture.
  • No unpleasant odor: Apply Tan Physics knowing your skin will not smell like chemicals as you go throughout your day.
  • Mask skin flaws: Reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, cellulite, and veins.
  • Reduce risks that come with sun exposure: This self-tanning formula is a boon for those who want the tan without the risks of skin damage.
  • Ingredients: Enjoy luxurious ingredients in the form of peptides, amino acids, caramel, and fruit extracts. These enhance your tanned-skin look.
How long does it take for sunless tanners to work?

This tanning lotion works as soon as you apply it, though it may take multiple applications to get to the skin shade you desire. Prepping the skin prior to applying the self-tanner lotion is essential for the optimal results. Also, the color and way the product takes to your skin depend on how well it is hydrated.

What sizes do Tan Physics products come in?

Tan Physics offers all their tanning lotions in 8-ounce bottles. Though you can't buy bigger or smaller bottles of this self-tanner, you can buy bulk packs on eBay. Choose from 2-6 packs of sunless tanner to revive your winter skin without sitting in the sun.

How to apply Tan Physics tanning lotion

Since this tanning lotion "tans" your skin by dyeing the top layer of skin, it is wise not to apply the lotion with bare hands. The Tan Physics tanning lotion offers an application mitt for your convenience. Place the glove on your hand and pour lotion onto it. Beginning with your legs, apply the tanning lotion in upward, circular motions. Do this multiple times a week until you reach your desired shade of tan.

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