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Beat the Heat in Tiffany & Co. Gold Gray Sunglasses

The next time it gets too sunny, reach for a pair of iffany & Co. Gold Gray frame women's sunglasses. The tasteful shine of gold and subtle neutral color of gray make for a stunning combo. With Tiffany & Co.'s classic style, it is easy to find a pair of sunglasses you love for the spring weather.

What styles do gold and gray sunglasses come in?

Tiffany & Co. has produced a variety of gold and gray sunglasses over the years. You can find gold frame women's sunglasses with gray lenses, or you can find gray frames with gold lenses. In addition to all these color options, there are also different shapes and sizes you can pick from when preparing for the next sunny day.

  • Round: These glasses have lenses shaped almost like a circle.
  • Cat Eye: Cat eye glasses from Tiffany & Co. are rounded along the bottom, but the outer corner of the top lens flares out into a winged shape.
  • Aviator: Aviator glasses have an oblong shape that is flat across the top and curves to a narrow point along the outer curve of the lower lens.
  • Shield: Instead of two separate lenses, these glasses have one large lens that curves over the entire front of the glasses.
  • Rectangle: These glasses have mostly flat edges, but the lenses are not a straight rectangle. Instead, the corners are lightly rounded to give the glasses a graphic look.
What are Tiffany & Co. glasses made from?

The brand does have a reputation for using precious metals, but gold and silver tend to be too soft to use in glasses. Instead, Tiffany & Co. uses metals like titanium, aluminum, beryllium, and steel. The company then applies a gold coating to the outer layer to give the glasses that golden look. For frames made of plastic, Tiffany & Co. uses acetate that is resistant to warping and scratching.

How are mirrored lenses different from non-mirrored lenses?

Mirrored lenses reflect light more fully, so they have a glossy, eye-catching coating. This tends to draw attention to the glasses, and it may make it impossible for others to see your eyes. In addition to these aesthetic differences, there is also a practical difference. Due to the higher reflectivity, mirroring can reduce the amount of glare you see on a particularly sunny day.

Should you get sunglasses that come with the case?

For some people, the Tiffany & Co. packaging is part of the brand's allure. If you like the sturdy quality and soft blue color of the company's cases, then you may want to look for sets of glasses and cases. The case can definitely be useful if you want to store your glasses while traveling for a vacation or relaxing in the shade. However, if you live in a sunny spot where you wear your Tiffany & Co. gold eyeglasses all the time, a case might not be necessary.

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