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Embrace Unique Style with Tom Ford Butterfly Sunglasses for Women

During the warmer months, when the days are sunny and the heat is rising, a nice pair of sunglasses can really help enhance your sense of style. Tom Ford butterfly glasses provide a movie star look that many adore. These Tom Ford wide sunglasses for women are slightly larger than traditional sunglasses and typically have a gradient tinting that lends to a sense of glamour. During your next spring break vacation, consider a pair of these vintage style sunglasses for women.

What are Tom Ford butterfly glasses?

As the name implies, these designer wide sunglasses for women have a fairly unique butterfly or hourglass shaping. They tend to taper out on the outside edges, but they definitely give the impression of butterfly wings. Some of these have flat or rounded outside edges, and others have an internal indent to give the impression of the two sections of a butterfly’s wing.

What colors are available for these butterfly sunglasses?

This varies based on materials and style. For example, some pairs that are constructed of acetate may have an entirely transparent design or a translucent construction that matches the colors of the lens. On the other hand, there are also completely opaque variations that use solid colors like brown, black, or amber. Other colors like tortoiseshell and Havana brown are also options available from Tom Ford.

What are some unique styles of these vintage style sunglasses for women?
  • Emanuella – Tom Ford tends to name their sunglass line after women, and Emanuella is a type of butterfly eyewear with a very thick frame. The frames on these are thicker along the bottom edge. On the Emanuella line, there’s a metal “T” temple decoration, and the frames are constructed of acetate.
  • Tallulah – Tallulah has a 61mm frame size and is much thinner in design compared to the Emanuella line. You’ll also notice that the sunglasses are much more angular than other Tom Ford wide sunglasses for women, which may fit your sense of style. These are constructed of acetate and have polycarbonate lenses without much of a gradient.
  • Carola –These designer wide sunglasses for women have a butterfly styling, but on the outside edges, the sides are rounded. The “T” logo is positioned where the frame meets the temples, and the body is made of opaque acetate. There are very few angles in the Carola, and there are multiple color options. The frame size for the Carola line is 60mm.
  • Gia – Like the Tallulah line, Tom Ford Gia Sunglasses for women are very angular. In fact, the outer edges have angled tops and relatively straight sides, and the centermost section also is comprised of straight lines. The nose guard of the Gia is also integrated and comprised of the same acetate that the rest of the frame is comprised of. The temples on these are actually made of metal and tipped with acetate for comfort.
Are there metal frame butterfly sunglasses from Tom Ford?

While the majority of the sunglasses from Tom Ford with a butterfly design are comprised of acetate and other plastics, the Rickie line is actually metal-framed. Unlike those other variations, the metal wire used is comprised of monel, and the lens on these is polycarbonate. These are unique looking due to the fact that the metal seems to crisscross above the nose guard, and the outer edge curves to form the hinge section. The metal is also tinted purple, and the lens has a gradient tinting. As it gets sunny outside, this helps reduce glare.

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