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Toshiba Laptop Power Adapters and Laptop Chargers

A rechargeable battery is part of what keeps laptops portable. Your Toshiba laptop's battery has to be recharged regularly, and you'll need a charger to keep your laptop running. Finding an adapter for your Toshiba laptop will allow you to continue using your laptop while also recharging its battery.

Can you charge a Toshiba laptop with any charger?

Your Toshiba laptop will charge with any power adapter or charger that is intended for your specific model of laptop computer. Power adapters come with a number of different ends to plug into the computer, so it's important that you choose the one that matches your computer's specific model. This will ensure that you'll get the charge you need and that fits your laptop.

How do you know which AC adapter is correct?

The model number of your laptop can be found by turning it over and looking for the sticker on the bottom. Once you've found this number, check to see what type of adapter it needs. Chargers usually note the models and brands with which they are compatible. In some cases, you may be able to use an AC adapter that is intended for universal use; make sure, however, that it contains the right adapters and voltage to work with your Toshiba laptop.

Can you use a universal charger with your Toshiba?

If your charger has the right adapter to connect to your Toshiba, then yes, you can use this type of charger to power your computer. This type of laptop charger plugs into the wall and comes with swappable charging tips to fit an array of laptop brands and models.

When should your AC adapter be replaced?

If your AC adapter is missing, making it impossible for you to power on your computer, you will need a replacement. You might also need to replace your Toshiba laptop adapter if you have problems charging the computer. You'll know that it's time for replacement parts if you've experienced any of the following problems:

  • Fraying: You've noticed fraying in the cord, especially fraying that has exposed the inner wires.
  • Short circuit: You have a short in your power cord, usually noticed because you must remain in a specific position to use your laptop while it's plugged in. You may also notice that the battery indicator flickers between charging and not charging while the computer is plugged in.
  • Failed charging: You've noticed that your computer is no longer charging when it is plugged in and have determined that it's not a battery issue.
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