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Toyota Air Bags

Airbags are a vehicle safety restraint system for emergencies that can arise in a car or truck when youre towing precious human cargo. An air bag provides an impact absorbing surface between a passenger and a vehicle, and it may include a compressor, fittings, and a leveling system for optimal protection. Air suspension technology is made using technically advanced machinery to give flawless performance and durability.

Can airbags be reused?

Since air lift devices can outlast a vehicle, airbags that have not been deployed can be recycled from pre-owned cars. Deployed airbags cannot, and should not, be reused, so do not attempt to install them in another vehicle.

What is the purpose of airbags?

The airbag in the driver seat and the front passenger seat are used for cushioning and restraint during a crash, keeping you and your passenger from hitting the wheel, instrumental panel, or the windshield of the car. An air lift bag works together with a seat belt to minimize the chances of impact inside of the vehicle during a crash.

What airbags are there for Toyotas?

Air lift bags for most manufacturer models are made of quality materials and genuine manufacturer parts. Toyota has air lift parts that include occupant detection devices, sensors, and airbags for both of the front seats.

What is the typical impact speed needed to set off the airbags?

For the air lift bags to set off, the impact speed must be at least 25 miles-per-hour. This implosion is if the car hits a still object. The impact must come from the front side of the vehicle. Two cars hitting each other at a total speed of 25 miles-per-hour will also set off the airbag.

How do airbags work?

An air bag is an inflation mechanism hidden behind the wheel and the front dashboard. Once the impact sensors monitor a specific threshold of pressure on the vehicle, a gas reaction inflates the bags. Once the person behind the bag hits it, the air is slowly released from the air bag through vent holes.

What types of airbags are there?

Some common types of air lift bags are:

  • Side- Side bags consist of a curtain bag on the windows and a bag for the torso. They are meant to reduce injuries to the abdomen.
  • Knee - Knee bags are located under the steering wheel and protect the knees from injury.
  • Rear - Rear air lift bags prevent people in the back seat from colliding with each other or hitting a window.
  • Seat belt - Seat belt bags decrease the risk of injury from the seat belt.
  • Pedestrian - Some vehicles have pedestrian bags to decrease the risk of injury upon hitting a pedestrian with the car. They deploy on the outside of the vehicle.