Trace Elliot

Trace Elliot

Trace Elliot is a manufacturer of amplifiers and sound equipment. This UK-based company was founded in 1979. They specialize in amplification for bass and acoustic guitars.

What types of equipment does Trace Elliot make?

The company makes amplifiers for bass and acoustic guitars. This includes combo amps as well as separate heads and cabinets. Trace Elliot manufactures both tube and solid-state amps. They also produce preamps, EQ equipment, effects boards, pedals, and rack-mounted effects processors.

What do wattage ratings on a bass amp mean?

The wattage rating of a head or combo amp gives you some idea of its power. The power it produces is related to how loud it can ultimately be. When checking the wattage rating, make sure it is the RMS number. This is the maximum amount of power the amplifier will put out on a consistent basis.

How do you pair an amplifier head with a cab?

There are two things to check before pairing a Trace Elliot amplifier head with a speaker cabinet. These are the ohms and wattage of the amp and the cab. First, find out what the RMS wattage is for your amplifier.The next thing to take a look at is the ohm rating. There will be several inputs and outputs on the back of the amplifier head. Each speaker out will have an ohm rating or a range of safe ohm ratings. This much match the speaker input you connect to. Always use real speaker wire to connect the two and not just a guitar cord or other miscellaneous wire.

What's the purpose of a preamp in the signal chain?

Trace preamps can have several different purposes. The device, as the name suggests, is what you connect your bass guitar to first. The device then gets connected to the main amplifier. A pre-amplification device allows you to set perimeters before the signal even gets to your power amp. You can set the EQ, add gain for distortion, and add various effects such as reverb.

What's the difference between a head and a combo amplifier?

A Trace amplifier head contains just the power amplifier itself. It will need to be paired with a speaker cabinet. The company also produces these in various sizes. A combo amplifier contains one or more speakers in a cab area that is permanently attached. Heads give you flexibility with speaker choices, and they are portable.

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