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Ty Beanbag Plushies

Ty plush collectibles are fun to collect for both adults and children. Many people continue looking for mint condition Ty collectibles well into adulthood. The original Beanie Babies started this plush craze, but since that time, many more beanies have captured the hearts children and adults.

How have Ty beanbag plushies changed over the years?

Beanie Babies first came into the picture in 1993, but Ty found that these stuffed buddies didnt go over well. To help increase the appeal of these beanie toys, Teenie Beanies began appearing in McDonalds Happy Meals across the country. These were smaller versions of the originals.

Over the years, these Beanie Babies stopped being produced as well, but Ty continues to bring out plushies and games. Some of the most common bear buddies are Beenie Boos, Teeny Tys, and Pluffies.

What are the original Beanie Babies?

The original line consisted of nine unique animals, and interestingly enough, there was only one teddy bear. The Ty Beanie Baby lineup originally consisted of the following animals:

  • Brownie: This was a brown bear that was later renamed Cubbie. Production of this bear did not last long, so he never got his own poem.
  • Chocolate: This brown moose was the last of the original nine to retire.
  • Spot: This was a white dog with a few black spots.
  • Legs: This was a little green frog whose poem reads that he likes to play games like leap frog.
  • Squealer: This was a little pink pig with a curly tail.
  • Patti: This was a purple platypus with a very large beak.
  • Pinchers: This was a bright red lobster that loved to pinch.
  • Splash: This was an orca whale that loved to make a splash.
  • Flash: This was a very smart dolphin that knew how to read.
Are there games you can play involving Ty Beanies?

There are several games that have been created based on the Beanie Boos. These childrens games are educational, and they are designed to resemble games such as Dominoes, Memory, Pictionary, and Trouble. There are even card games that are similar to kid classics like Go Fish.

What are Beanie Babies 2.0?

The 2.0 version of the Ty Beanie Baby came into existence in 2008. Each one of these Beanie Babies came with their own digital world. Codes to access this digital world can be found on the back of the heart tag of each toy. Simply scratch off the code, and your child can enjoy playing games with their new friend in the interactive world.

What are Beanie Ballz?

These are furry little round pals that are shaped like balls. This line of furry pals comes with one of the first mobile games that allows you to take your new Ty Beanie Baby on an adventure that you will both enjoy. The Ballz will bounce from platform to platform when you tilt your mobile device.

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