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UNOde50 Fashion Bracelets

Uno de 50 is a Spanish company that creates handmade accessories and jewelry. Their items are plated in gold or silver, and accents on the Uno de 50 fashion bracelets include resin, crystal, leather, and pearls. Uno de 50 has created many bracelet collections in feminine, masculine, and genderless designs.

What are the Uno de 50 bracelet sizes?

Uno de 50 allows you to find a bracelet that will fit you by offering jewelry in several sizing options.

  • Women's Small: Women with a wrist that measures 5.6 inches around can wear this size.
  • Women's Medium: This size will fit women with a wrist that measures 6 inches around.
  • Women's Large: A women's large at Uno de 50 will fit a wrist measurement of 6.5 inches.
  • Men's Medium: The men's medium size fits those with a wrist measurement of 6.5 inches.
  • Men's Large: Those with a wrist that measures 7 inches around can wear a men's large.
  • Men's Extra Large: The XL size at Uno de 50 fits people with a wrist that measures 7.6 inches.
  • Adjustable: The majority of Uno de 50 bracelets are actually adjustable. They will have a tie or a buckle that lets you size the jewelry to fit your arm. Those with larger arms can even order extenders to make the item larger.
What types of bracelets does Uno de 50 make?

The wrist jewelry made by the company is available in the following types:

  • Cuff - These designs tend to be a thick semi circle of metal or leather. They can be adjusted by squeezing the ends of the bracelet or tying the leather.
  • Bangle - These designs are a complete circle that slips over the hand. Uno de 50 frequently sells them as matched sets.
  • Charm - The charm jewelry have dangling pendants that contain messages or fun shapes. Some designs allow you to switch out charms when desired.
  • Beaded - These flexible designs have beads of metal or colorful beads of resin and crystal.
  • Wrap - Wrap designs loop around the wrist several times before fastening.
How are Uno de 50 bracelets made?

Each piece by the company is handmade in Spain. They are designed by a team of jewelry makers that creates themed collections for the company. Each metal piece is cast from a mould, and then it is shaped, textured, and detailed by hand. Uno de 50 then coats each piece in silver or gold with a thickness of 15 microns. After the silver and gold plated alloys are complete, they are combined with leather, crystals, and other items to assemble the final product.