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Things to Know When Selecting a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 USB Cable

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was one of the first Samsung devices to feature the USB-3 data charging port. This USB style allows for faster transmission of data and quicker charging capabilities than the formerly used microUSB-style port. While the Galaxy Note 3 is one of a handful of phones to use this unconventional design, you have several options when replacing malfunctioning USB cables for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phones.

When should a charger be replaced?

One of the most telltale signs that your charger is due to be replaced is an increase in the amount of time needed to charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or a lack of your phone being charged at all. Before replacing your Samsung charging equipment, try to troubleshoot your phone and charger to determine that it is, in fact, the cable that needs to be replaced by performing the following steps:

  1. Restart: Power off and restart your Samsung Galaxy.
  2. Remove the USB cable: Unplug the charger from the wall and remove the USB cable.
  3. Inspect the cable: Inspect the cable for bends, nicks, or frays. Look closely at the connector that inserts into your Samsung Galaxy. There should be two prongs prominently protruding from the bottom of the adapter.
  4. Reinsert the cable: Firmly reinsert the cable into the charger and connect it to your Note 3. The connection should be solid. If the wire moves or is loose, this may be causing your charging issues.
What causes charging issues with a USB cable?

There are two primary causes of a USB charging cable going bad. The first has to do with typical wear and tear on the small pins on the bottom of the phone adapter side of your cable. These small pins push the adapter into place when inserted into your Samsung phone. As you take your charging cable in and out of your phone, these pins start to wear down and lose the amount of resistance needed to hold the cable in place when inserted into your phone. The second primary cause has to do with damage to the cable itself caused by bending, crimping, and fraying during normal use.

Is there a specific charging cable for the Note 3?

While Samsung designed the Galaxy Note 3 to be used with the USB 3 data cable design, you can also use any standard microUSB charging cable to charge your Galaxy Note 3. While a microUSB charging cable is an acceptable alternative, to the USB 3 cable, you may notice slower charging times as opposed to charging with a USB 3 cable.

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