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Vans Unisex Kids' Shoes

The Vans brand began as a footwear company in 1966 in Costa Mesa, California, and have since expanded to clothing apparel, backpacks, and other accessories. Many adult Vans shoe styles are available for kids, from the checkered Classic Slip-on to the Sk8-Hi. Vans Unisex kids’ shoes come in solid colors like white, black, and navy blue, and feature the standard gummy rubber outsole.

How do you find your size in Vans unisex kids' shoes?
  • Unisex sizing - Each pair of sneakers is labelled with its size in all standard Vans kids’ measurements, including boys and girls. You can find the size you are looking for listed on the shoe. Generally, add a size and a half to get from a girl's size to a boy's size, and subtract a size and a half to get from a boy's size to a girl's.
  • Where do you find the shoe size? - The size of the shoe can be found on the tongue or sole as well as on the shoe box.
  • Available sizes - Shoe sizes 1-13, including many half sizes, are available to outfit kids from preschool to preteen; there are also sizes available for babies and toddlers.
How do you choose the right Vans shoe?
  • Choose your style - There are many adult styles offered by Vans available for your kids as well: Authentic, Old Skool, Classic slip-on, Sk8 and Sk8-Hi, MTE, and ATWOOD.
  • Choose the fabric - Vans Kids offers selections in a variety of fabrics including suede, canvas, velvet, and leather.
  • Choose a color or pattern - You can choose a number of styles with shoes in colors like black, white, gray, blue, or red. There are patterns like checkerboard, or designs with popular cartoon characters. Their checkerboard shoe is the Vans Kids’ classic slip-on.
What are classic Vans styles?

Vans kids offers choices like their classic Authentic line. Reissues are authentic reproductions of many Vans shoes.

  • Vans Old Skool - The Old Skool line was introduced in 1977. It features a low top, laces, and leather and canvas uppers with reinforced toes.
  • Vans Authentic - The Authentic line was created in 1966. It is a canvas sneaker with lace-up tops and waffle-bottomed rubber soles.
  • Sk8-Hi - This shoe is also available as Sk8-Hi Zip and Sk8-Hi Reissue. These Vans were originally created in 1978 and feature a high top, padded collar, and vulcanized rubber outsoles.
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