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Vibram Athletic Shoes for Men

Vibram offers an entire line of specialized athletic shoes for professional or passionate amateur outdoorsman and runners. In addition to closed-toe traditional-style running shoes, the Vibram FiveFingers line is a choice for the sport of barefoot running and more.

What are Vibram FiveFingers shoes?

The FiveFingers athletic line is a different way of thinking about active footwear. Instead of providing a thick outer sole, inner sole, and lining, Vibram's FiveFinger running shoes fit snugly around your foot and each toe in the same way that a glove fits on your hands and fingers. There is a chamber for each of your toes, just like there is a place for each of your fingers in a glove. The sole of these shoes is a thin, lightweight layer of non-slip Vibram compound, with an upper level of Tri-Layer stretch mesh fabric. The shoe's materials allow you to feel the surfaces under your feet while running, walking, climbing or swimming.

What are minimalist running shoes?

In the world of shoes, minimalist styles try to give you the feeling of being barefoot while still giving protection and support. They have very thin soles and minimal cushioning. This allows for your feet to have sensory contact with the ground while performing your activity of choice.

Are there Vibram FiveFingers shoes for different activities?

Yes. Vibram's running shoes range from the lightest styles for almost barefoot running, such as the EL-X, all the way to the Vibram KSO Multisport shoe. The KSO offers support and durability, making it suitable for trekking, climbing, canyoneering, and most water sports. It uses XS TREK technology that helps provide traction, stability, and comfort. Unlike some other Vibram FiveFingers models that pull on, the KSO has a quick lacing system.

What sizes and colors are Vibram FiveFingers running shoes?

Vibram offers a wide range of sizes and colors of athletic shoes. When choosing, it is important to know that the FiveFingers shoe sizes will not exactly match the size of your normal footwear. It may be necessary to choose a smaller size than you normally wear to get a better fit, so it is important to consult the brand's size guide before buying. Vibram offers men's running shoes in U.S. sizes 5 through 15. In addition to a wide range of sizes, Vibram has a large variety of color combinations from which to choose. Colors include black with yellow accents, olive green, yellow, gray, blue, gray, orange, and others.

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