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Get the Shot You Want With a Vivitar Camera Tripod

A camera tripod can provide stability as you compose a picture. Whether youre taking a family portrait, action shots from the sidelines, or nature photography, a tripod can come in handy. Theyre portable and adjustable, so they can travel anywhere with you.

What are some features of a Vivitar camera tripod?

By definition, all tripods have three legs, but there are many variations. Some features to think about as you shop are:

  • Portability: Examine the size of the tripod when it is folded up. There are pocket tripods that are only a few inches tall, and there are others that are a few feet tall.
  • Weight: Think about how you will be using your tripod. If youre simply walking from the car to the location of your photo shoot, weight may not be a factor. If you plan on putting a tripod in your backpack and walking all around a city, this might be an important feature to consider. The difference of carrying one pound or five pounds around for hours could be significant.
  • Height: Look at the maximum extension length of the legs before buying a tripod. Some versions are intended to be used on tables and are just a few inches tall. Others could be over five feet tall.
  • Stability: Rubber feet on the bottom of the legs can provide some protection against slipping on wet or uneven surfaces.
  • Accessory hook: This feature can be helpful when you need to hang your camera bag.
Are there different mounting mechanisms?

Most tripods attach to cameras through the use of a special screw, which comes with the tripod head. You position the screw in line with the thread hole on the bottom of your camera and then twist to tighten. Tripods either just have the screw or they have a screw attached to a mounting plate. (Smaller, more compact tripods are more likely to have just the screw.) A mounting plate can be slid on and off the tripod head, often with the use of a quick release mechanism.

How do you position Vivitar camera tripods?

Depending on the mount style of tripod, there are three categories:

  • Flexible legs: These are made of a material such as rubber and can be moved into various positions. Theyre just rigid enough to hold that position when you let go.
  • Ball head: With the use of a ball joint, movement can go in any direction. The camera is attached to the ball component, and that fits right in the socket. You can lock it in place when youre ready to shoot, and you can usually remove it with a quick release action.
  • Pan head: A pan-tilt head has separate axes, each with their own controls. This allows you to lock the front tilt, for example, while making adjustments to the panoramic rotation. Many of these styles of camera tripods have quick release levers.
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