Vodka Bottles

If you're any type of bottle collector, you will know there can be just as much enjoyment from the aesthetics of different types of vessels as there is, or was, from the original contents. Empty Vodka bottles are no exception; their shapes, labels, and packaging tell stories of history and the spirit of changing times.

What is Vodka?

  • The original product called Vodka is first recorded back in the middle of the fifteenth century. This was a popular substance in Poland and Russia as a medicine and cosmetic.
  • These days, Vodka is an alcoholic drink that people around the world enjoy. It is made mostly of grain, but you will also find potato vodka as well as liquor that comes from molasses, soybeans, rice, grapes, and beets. Many companies use a multitude of flavors, great for drinking alone or mixing.

What Types of Vodka Bottles are Collectible?

Considering the original contents of Vodka bottles are clear and neutral in appearance and include a large quantity of water, the designs and branding of its containers and packaging are not. Bottle collections have the variety of a cocktail smorgasbord. Collectors are attracted to these Vodka curios in a number of themes:

  • Unique shapes/labels: Whether it's something to do with the Vodka alcohol content only they will know, but the designers of Vodka vessels have created some quite unique glass, crystal, ceramic and porcelain decanters over the years. There's the infamous crystal head, but you'll also find animals, aliens, glaciers, mopeds, shoes, shot guns, mirrored disco bottles, cars, and more.
  • Brand/Edition: Vodka lovers with a favorite brand may loyally look for all unique and limited editions released. International clubs and groups may focus on the differences in brand specific designs or smaller miniature bottle collections.
  • Country of Origin: For the Vodka enthusiast, various types of Russian Vodka and Polish Vodka decanters are obviously a must. Aside from the Baltic regions, other large producers of Vodka include the European countries of Sweden, France, and the Netherlands, and the United States.
  • Era: Antique or vintage, or modern and quirky bottles are both sought and sold. Some collectors focus on one period, others just love them all! Of particular interest for collectors are any bottles from around the prohibition period.
  • Repurposed: There's obviously some creative and sustainable living folk amongst Vodka enthusiasts. Bottles are upcycled into electric lamps, salt and pepper shakers, money jars, and pump dispensers.

What Is the Most Expensive Bottle of Vodka?

As of 2018, the most expensive bottle of Vodka is pure gold and silver, with a diamond encrusted cap and a leather ribbon from a 1912 Monte Carlo rally car. Someone decided to steal this Russian bottle in early 2018 from a bar in Copenhagen, and the value of the bottle meant the theft made headlines. While the thieves apparently consumed the contents, the police luckily recovered the bottle, though slightly dented.