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What you need to know about Wanscam Home Security Cameras

Wanscam markets a wide range of IP cameras, video servers, and CCTV cameras designed for home and business use. A variety of their cameras have features such as night vision and can be connected to your network for added functionality. Some of their security cameras have special housings that allow them to be used inside or outside of your home.

What kind of Wanscam security camera options are available?
  • Box: This style is designed to be used as a standalone camera and comes in a rectangular box shape. These allow the lenses to be switched out and placed inside of a housing.
  • Bullet: These security cameras combine the camera, lens, and housing in a single sealed unit. Bullet styles will commonly have an infrared lens for nighttime use and provides a small footprint.
  • Dome: Dome style cameras combine the camera, lens, and ceiling mount designed in a dome shape. The wiring is kept hidden in the ceiling and can work with drop ceilings.
What are some of the features of a security camera?
  • Infrared: Some Wanscam security camera options feature an Infrared or IR filter that allows you to capture images at night. Some models may list this feature as night-vision.
  • Wide Angle: Security cameras with this feature have a wider field of view. This allows the camera to provide greater coverage without requiring the camera to pivot.
  • Built-in storage: Some camera options feature a primary or backup storage option. This can be a removable memory card built into the camera or a portable hard drive attached to the camera body.
  • Pan/tilt: As described, this feature lets the camera pan and tilt.
What is the difference between CCTV and IP cameras?
  • CCTV: These types of security cameras are connected to an offline system. The systems will send the video system to a storage device such as a DVR.
  • IP cameras are connected to the internet or a computer network and can be connected either by wire, or they can be wireless. Some IP cameras will be compatible with the Wanscam app.
How do you select an inexpensive Wanscam home security camera?

When selecting an inexpensive Wanscam camera from eBay, here is what you should look for:

  • Select a type: These can range from box, bullet, and dome designs, and several of them can be found on eBay.
  • Choose an application: If the camera will be used outdoors, check for cameras that have an outdoor housing.
  • Select a connectivity: You can choose between CCTV wired, IP wired, IP wireless, and wireless options.
  • Choose color modes: Some cameras have the option of switching between color day and black and white night options.
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