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Warmachine War Games

Welcome to Caern, the steampunk world of the Warmachine tabletop game. The human kingdoms fight with each other and the Hordes, employing constructs of steel and iron known as warjacks. Two or more players can do battle in Warmachine war games, but there will be only one victor.

What is the Warmachine game?

Warmachine is a tabletop strategy game published by Privateer Press. Positions are maintained using plastic and metal miniatures. Spells and other abilities are played from a hand of cards. Attack success is determined with dice rolls. Starter sets are available, and rulebooks, cards, dice, and miniatures can be purchased separately. In addition to the Warmachine core factions, there are Horde factions. Privateer Press allows games to played with any combination of game factions, including internal conflicts within a faction.

Which Warmachine factions are playable?

There are seven distinct Warmachine factions in the game that the players can use. These are:

  • Convergence of Cyriss
  • Cryx
  • Cygnar
  • Khador
  • Mercenaries
  • Protectorate of Menoth
  • Retribution of Scyrah
Which Horde factions are playable?

There are five distinct Hordes factions in the game that players can use. These are:

  • Circle Orboros
  • Legion of Everblight
  • Minions
  • Skorne
  • Trollbloods
How do the different Warmachine factions play?

All of the playable Warmachine groups in the game have different strengths and weaknesses.

  • The Convergence of Cyriss: These units are highly synergistic and able to interface directly with their warcaster.
  • The Cryx: These units are undead that use fast, nimble warjacks with little armor.
  • The Cygnar: These units use ballistics and arcane energy to weaken and corral enemies.
  • The Khador: These units employ warjacks that are heavy and plodding but inflict massive damage.
  • The Mercenaries: These units possess a diverse selection of equipment and abilities.
  • The Protectorate of Menoth: This group of units is devoutly religious and uses fire and an unbreakable will equally well.
  • The Retribution of Scyrah: This group is a secret sect of elves that can control the battlefield in a way other factions can’t.
How do the different Horde factions play?

All of the playable Horde groups in Warmachine have different strengths and weaknesses.

  • The Circle Orboros: This group is a cabal of wilderness tribes and druids that use the battlefield against their enemies.
  • The Legion of Everblight: This group has strong individual units that outshine most other solo units in every way.
  • The Minions: These units are diverse and use a much wider range of abilities to control crowds and individual units.
  • The Skorne: These are savage humanoids who specialize in fast combat movement and offensive output.
  • The Trollbloods: These units are fierce warriors who possess much synergy between their warlocks and fellow units.
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