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How to Choose a Wedding Veil for the Perfect Finishing Touch

A bridal veil is a beautiful complement to your wedding gown, and it enhances the feeling of romance on the day that you get married. The type of veil that you choose will depend on your wedding dress style and your personal taste. With so many affordable veils available on eBay, you are sure to find the new or vintage wedding veil of your dreams.

What lengths do wedding veils come in?

You can choose from at least nine different lengths of wedding veils. Here are some of the lengths of affordable bridal veils that you can find on eBay:

  • Elbow-length: The elbow-length style works well with most styles of bridal dresses. It is an appropriate wedding veil for both informal and formal ceremonies.
  • Fingertip-length: The fingertip wedding veil length measures approximately 36 inches long. This type is more formal than the elbow-length style, yet it still allows you to see the detailing on the train of the wedding dress.
  • Knee-length: This bridal veil style falls between the backs of the knees and the calves. It looks wonderful when worn with dresses that don't include trains.
  • Floor-length: This stunning bridal veil style is approximately 72 inches long and should just brush the floor when you're standing. It works especially well with sheath dresses or ball gown-style wedding dresses.
  • Chapel- and cathedral-lengths: These breathtaking veils extend all the way to the floor. The chapel bridal veil should fall at least 6 inches past the hem of the dress and the cathedral bridal veil is up to 144 inches long.
What styles do wedding veils come in?
  • Flyaway: The flyaway bridal veil reaches the shoulder and provides volume. It's a beautiful complement to short dresses.
  • Juliet cap: This bridal look is molded to the back of the head before falling down the back. This romantic vintage wedding veil is made of tulle and may have a ribbon edge.
  • Mantilla: The mantilla wedding veil is round with a cut edge and often has a lace or beaded edge with shimmering crystals.
  • Two-tier: This type of veil combines a shorter bridal veil with a longer one.
  • Birdcage: This bridal veil covers of the face. These wedding veils are typically made out of wide netting and can be worn with any style of dress.
How do wedding veils stay on?

Many wedding veils stay in place with built-in combs or headbands that are secured in your hair. If you're having your hair professionally styled, they'll know how to make sure your veil stays in place. If you have fine hair, you might consider a headband-style veil. If your veil uses a comb to stay in place, you can help it stay secured with some back-combing, hairspray, and bobby pins.