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Common Questions about Wireless Chargers

As devices change and so do cords, having a wireless charger is a great way to keep your ability to power up your phone or tablet without constantly buying new chargers. eBay offers a number of great charging options that can free you from the need to find the right style of charger. This is a convenient thing for families who have different brands of devices that they want to charge in a single space.

How do wireless chargers work?

Wireless chargers are essentially a form of electromagnet. They consist of electrified wires wrapped around a bar magnet. The electrified field can be used to charge a battery of a device that is set up to charge this way. Wireless chargers require either physical contact or very close proximity, which is why they are often designed to look like mats or slots to hold devices.

What kinds of devices work with wireless chargers?

Your smartphone or tablet will typically provide instructions on whether you can use a cordless charger with it. Many chargers use the Qi style of charging, which means that you can power an Apple product or a Windows tablet on a Samsung Galaxy s6 charger pad or a Duracell Powermat Nexus 4 even when the cords are not compatible. Some of the things that will make a difference in your charge speed include

  • the thickness of your case
  • whether your device supports fast or slow charging
  • how much is running in the background when you power it up
  • the power capabilities of the wireless phone charger
How quickly do wireless chargers work?

The speed of the wireless charger depends on the size of the battery that needs to be filled and the wattage of the charger. A 15-watt charger can take a drained smartphone battery and fill it in just under an hour. A tablet can take 2-3 times that long because of the larger battery. The time and wattage connection is linear; a 30-watt charger takes about 25 minutes to charge a smartphone. Again, this is under the best conditions possible. The induction by which these chargers work will always power more quickly when you have a thin cover and a device that is designed to support fast-charge technologies.

How many devices can work on a cordless charger?

The number of devices that you can power at a time with a Wi-Fi charger will depend on how the mat is designed. Both single-device and multiple-device chargers exist and can be found on eBay. Just like a corded charger, a wireless charger for a cell phone can charge multiple devices as long as you charge them one at a time.