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Women's Ponytail Hair Extensions

Clip in, drawstring or hair wraps, curly, straight or wavy, women's ponytail hair extensions come in a variety of options to suit your personal style and occasion requirements.

Fixed onto scrunchies, claw hair clips, ties or with a wrap to tie around your own hair, ponytail hair extensions are available in sleek or tousled styles. They are an easy and simple way to change your look quickly and easily.

Premium hair extensions can add volume and length to hair for regular use or special occasions. The beauty of the ponytail hair extension is its greater ease of use, speed of use and versatility. They can also be complemented by the use of additional fringe hair extensions if you wish.

There is a multitude of colors available, whether you're looking for silver grey, any number of variations on blonde or brunette, dip dyed ponytail clips or more synthetic colors such as verdant pinks or violets. Another option to choose is a ponytail hair extension complete with LED lights for a very literal addition of sparkle.

Women's ponytail hair extensions are available in natural and synthetic materials as well as human hair variations, adding to their versatility. They can be styled to suit your own hair, adding curls, waves or straightening them according to the style you want. Styling capabilities do depend on the materials of the individual hair extensions, so it's best to check the details on each one before use.

Whether you're making a bold statement or simply enhancing your own natural look with the use of ponytail hair extensions in short , medium or long lengths, their popularity comes principally from their comparative ease of use for those who don't wish to use more permanent hair extensions. They are also cost effective and perfect for a daytime look or adding a chic edge to work and social styles, instantly transforming your appearance.