Wood Plate Stand Display Easels

A stand made of wood is a great way to display decorations, plates, art, and accessories. Stands used to display plates are designed to hold the item easily without toppling from the weight. The color and choice of wood should be a consideration when purchasing a simple wood display form for your plates and art.

What sizes are available for wooden plate stands?

A wooden plate stand can range in size from 2 inches to 10 inches. It's best if the display size is more than half the size of the piece of artwork to maximize stability.

What can an easel display stand hold?

An easel-style display stand can hold many items like books, crafts, pictures, and pieces of art. This style of display stand is great for DIY projects that your children might make at school. The easel display stand is convenient for items that you don't want to mount permanently to the walls. On the mantel, the easel plate stand can hold holiday decorations too. Your own DIY projects can make a great display for the easel whether a stand is used for crafts, pictures, or pieces of art. A stand can hold DIY projects you plan to sell at craft fairs as well.

Can a wooden plate stand hold heavy objects?

A wood easel display stand can work with slightly heavy objects like display plates or beautiful tile. The item should have a flat bottom that can easily slip into the easel's display feet. The wood stand can hold a piece of art that won't topple the plate stand, too. The display plate stand isn't meant to hold huge, heavy pieces of art or large pictures in frames. If you have a DIY canvas with your own art, you can easily place it on display on a stand.

What are some features of a wooden plate display stand?

Wooden plate stands are made of solid wood like pine or cherry. The easel stand may highlight the natural wood with a stained or clear finish, or they may have a paint or enamel coating of black, white, or a brighter color. Some wooden easel plate stands have hinges in the middle of the plate stand that can be folded and stored. Some stands may have carvings along the side to add to the decor.

How do you care for a display stand?

Display stands can be dusted during a regular cleaning using a damp cloth or dusting polish designed for wooden furniture. If needed, these stands can be spot cleaned with soap and water but not submerged.