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How to Choose and Store Wooden Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas tree is the focal point in your living room along with Christmas decorations and ornaments. When choosing holiday decor for your tree, you can find a wide range of Christmas ornaments made from wood. Get some ornaments to put inside a stocking or find a one-of-a-kind engraved design to leave as a gift under the Christmas tree.

What Shapes Do Wood Christmas Ornaments Come In?

Christmas ornaments shaped like canes herald in the festive season as do stars, a snowman, and snowflake designs. The wooden decor holiday ornaments may have a rustic vibe, such as laser cut wooden reindeer or carved and hand-painted birds. Some Christmas wooden ornaments are shaped like trees, teardrops or leaves. Purchase sets of unfinished wood shapes when you prefer decorating your wooden ornaments. You can use paint, ink, and other mediums to personalize the crafts with a design or message.

Deciding on Mixing Themed Wood Christmas Ornaments

  • Single Theme: When decorating, look for themed ornaments for your Christmas tree, such as all Santa ornaments or nutcrackers. Santa Clauses may be part of a wooden train ornament set, or you can find various versions of men in red suits as single pieces. If you prefer using related items, look for boxed sets, such as Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus, or a collection of toy soldier ornaments. Likewise, an all-nutcrackers theme may include selections that include a complementing secondary ornament like a reindeer.
  • Combine Similar Themes: Another popular Christmas decoration option is to combine religious ornaments, such as angels with nativity scenes. Likewise, you could choose cats and mice or fairies and elves.
  • Several Themes: Alternatively, mix several themes to lend variety to your decorations. A hodgepodge of cats, gingerbread men, and wreaths creates the same amount of interest as a tree filled with wooden snowflakes.

How Do You Store Wood Christmas ornaments?

Christmas decor come out once a year but then to be stored properly. Even though most are sealed with a semi-gloss sealer, you'll extend their life by protecting them from the elements. For example, home storage boxes made from clear plastic let you see the contents at a glance. Look for them in several sizes and types. Many storage boxes feature adjustable dividers in each layer to accommodate different shapes and sizes. The lid keeps out dust and moisture to preserve the Christmas ornaments, and a convenient handle on the lid makes transporting easier. Furthermore, some people use old egg cartons to keep smaller ornaments from touching each other. The lid keeps the ornaments from breaking and gathering dust.