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Adidas Windbreaker Coats and Jackets for Men

Windbreaker coats and jackets are articles of clothing that can be worn during cool or windy days. These Adidas windbreaker coat, track jacket, and jacket product lines for men are available in a variety of colors and themes, including Batman, Assassin's Creed, Daft Punk, and racing. There are also numerous size options available for you to select, all of which are further narrowed down into categories of regular and big and tall.

What is an Adidas windbreaker?

This is a type of Adidas jacket for men that is thin in design. Along with their lightweight build, some Adidas jackets are also hooded, and some will come with a waistband, cuffs, and a close-fitting neck. Whether it is a hoodie or track jacket, it has a zipper down the front.

Which materials are these Adidas jackets comprised of?

An Adidas jacket for men can consist of many different materials that range from 100% cotton to nylon and satin.

  • Down: This is a material that consists entirely of duck or goose plumage. It is normally used for the inner padding inside windbreaker coats and jackets. It is an alternative to leather. The consistency and feel of the down material depends on whether it is collected from a duck or goose.
  • 100% cotton: This is a white fibrous substance that is spun into thread or yarn before being used in the making of a coat or jacket. This material is an alternative to wool and often used in the creation of other fabrics as well, such as twill and corduroy.
  • Polyester: This is a synthetic resin that is commonly knitted and woven into other fabrics that Adidas windbreakers are made from. There are a variety of polyester types used when making these pieces of clothing by Adidas, such as unsaturated polyester.
  • Nylon: This is a fabric that is lightweight and thin. Due to its thermoplastic nature, this material is made into a fiber that is used in an Adidas coat by first being melted.
What are some colors available with this Adidas outerwear?

These Adidas athletic jacket, track jacket, and overcoat line for men is available in an array of color options, including gray and black. Other colors of hooded and non-hooded apparel that are available to you include blue, ivory, green, orange, purple, white, red, and silver. Adidas makes some coat models available in multiple colors with such combinations as gray and blue or red and black.

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