doTERRA Products

doTERRA was founded in 2008 and is a company that focuses on wellness and creating personal serenity. They produce therapeutic-grade essential oils and offer a wide variety of products.

What products does doTERRA sell?

This company offers a long list of essential oils. They dont just offer these, though, as they also have lines of personal care products, supplements, and weight management products.

  • Essential oils: They offer a wide variety of oils from basic single oils to proprietary blends (like the doTERRA Serenity formula that promotes restfulness), their On Guard line, and oils that are meant to be inhaled or ingested. Their oils are available in many scents, like lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, and more. They also sell oil accessories, like diffusers and oil collections.
  • Personal care products: doTERRA makes hair and skin care products from essential oils and other natural ingredients. You can find doTERRA shampoos, conditioners, serums, lotions, creams, and cleansers.
  • Health and weight management supplements: Their health products include vitamins for children and adult vitamins for things like digestive health and other specialized needs. doTERRA also makes weight management products that include oil combinations, gums, and shake mixes.
What do the products do?

Essential oils have been used for centuries for a wide variety of purposes. They are made from natural products, like plants or flowers, and can be used for many different things. Oils can also be used in a variety of ways, making them an easy, yet effective, wellness product.

Certain oils do different things, depending on their properties. Oils like peppermint may ease nausea and induce serenity while others like eucalyptus can be calming and help you sleep at night. Oils can be found in singular sets or blended together for maximum effectiveness. For example, multiple oils may be blended together for decreasing stress, easing pain/nausea, or inducing restfulness.

These properties can also be used inside the body to promote health and serenity as seen in doTERRAs wellness products. These oils are beneficial to the hair, skin, and body.

How do you use doTERRA essential oils and products?

How you use these products depends on which ones they are. Some oils can be diffused in a diffuser so that you inhale the aroma. Other oils have aromas are meant to be applied to the skin. Its important to understand information on which oils are safe to use on the skin and which are safe to be ingested. Essential oil blends can be used time and time again in a diffuser, on the skin, or added to your diet.

Oils meant for topical application can be put on the neck, arms, legs, chest, stomach, feet, and forehead. It can be added to baths, added into a compress, or infused into lotion. Aromatic oils can be diffused, mixed with water to use as a mist, or even used in household cleaners. Oils that can be ingested can be used in cooking, added to water/drinks, or taken in vitamin form.