iPhone 8

iPhone 8



Display Size
4.7 in
Camera Resolution
12.0 MP
Wireless Charging
Headphone Jack
Release Date
September 22, 2017
148 g (5.22 oz)
15W fast wireless charging (50% in 30min)

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Explore the Features of the iPhone 8

Apple outdid itself with the iPhone 8, an outstanding addition to a long line of high-performance iPhones. Packed with powerful features and a high-end processor, the iPhone 8 turns heads and blows minds with its multitude of extras.

Design and display

This smartphone is the first to feature a durable glass exterior in a reinforced steel and aluminum case that is IP67 water- and dust-resistant. It features a 4.7-inch Retina HD screen outfitted with Multi-Touch. The display uses True Tone technology, which allows for automatic adjustments depending on surrounding lighting. It also makes it easy to view your phone from any angle.

Pixel resolution measures in at 1334 by 750, creating crisp, clear images and video. User-friendly, it offers a display zoom as well as 3D Touch. No matter how many times you pinch and zoom, you won't leave prints behind, thanks to its oleophobic layer that resists fingerprints.

The stereo speaker system features improved sound 25% louder with deeper bass than earlier models. The iPhone 8 is available in shades of silver, gray, and gold.

What are the specs of the iPhone 8?

Weighing 5.22 ounces, the iPhone 8 is light and portable. Select from two different storage capacities, either the 64GB model or the 256GB model for maximum memory. The phone charges quickly, and the long-lasting battery gives you 14 hours of talk time. Running iOS 11, the iPhone 8 comes with a six-core bionic A11 chip and speeds through daily tasks effortlessly.


Apple makes phones for the long haul, and the Apple iPhone 8 is water- and dust-resistant. One of the benefits of this phone is the fact that you can charge it wirelessly, and it quick-charges to 50% in only half an hour.

The True Tone display means that this phone has more saturated colors than previous phones, creating a robust and rich experience. With its fast CPU, the iPhone 8 is more efficient and quicker than previous phones. You can even enjoy Augmented Reality games with this smartphone.


Consumers have long been impressed with iPhone cameras and praised them for their clarity. The iPhone 8 takes it one step further with an improved camera and more options. The device offers 12MP equipped with optical image stabilization as well as an enhanced Portrait mode that lets you personalize pictures with different effects. It also has a telephoto lens as well as a powerful digital zoom and autofocus and also records sharp 4K videos.

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Long battery life
Small form factor
Good value
  • de adicool007January 14, 2018

    Best small screen phone....

    This is the best small screen phone out there - if you are someone who wants a phone that can be operated using just one hand, this is the last one out there. The iPhone X is a similar form factor but has a 5.8" screen - which is bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus, not necessarily one handed operation. For someone coming from an iPhone 6 series, the iPhone 8 is a big step up in performance. It is absolutely silky smooth and the GSM+CDMA version is the one to buy - with the Qualcomm modem. While bezel-less phones are the biggest rage these days - this phone represents the best iteration of a bezel phone with TouchID. The display even though is low on pixel count - is still a big step up from the previous iPhone and still looks fantastic on all videos and photos. TouchID is even faster than before. Camera is also better than the iPhone 6, 6S and 7. It is a single lens camera, but in my opinion it isn't that big a difference unless all the pictures you take are in low light or in other words it isn't a deal breaker. All the iOS 11 features work great on this phone (iPhone 6 with a new battery is still slower) and the newer features like wireless charging are nice additions. The glass back does make it easier to shatter on a drop - so you definitely need a case. The glass phone is heavier - but I tend to like that. Summing up - if you want to stay in iOS (for iMessage, FaceTime etc.) this is the best small size phone for the price and the blazing fast performance. At the price point of $699 (which is inching up almost every year) - I don't think you can beat this to stay in the iOS ecosystem.

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  • de gdwg08August 06, 2018

    Good Solid iPhone.

    This iPhone 8 is awesome. It fits my hand perfectly, works fast and connects with all my other apple devices seamlessly. It doesn't have all the features of the iPhone X, like face unlocking , but that's no big deal it steal has a fingerprint reader. It's form factor is the same as iPhone 7 and a lot of cases and whatnot that fit the 7 will fit the 8 just as well. It has a glass front and back, so it's very slippery and is a fingerprint magnet. For me a case is a must ! With 256gb of memory you can load it up and not have to worry about running out of storage. Battery life hasn't been too bad. I can get a whole day easily,but i'm a moderate user and don't play games on my phone, an iPhone 8 Plus would be better for that anyway. All that being said, This is a good solid iPhone. One of Apples best!

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  • de amylangeJuly 31, 2018

    Highly recommend.

    It did take a while to set up but what doesn't these days. But most everything transferred over from my IPhone 6 easily. It did actually encourage me to clean things up. I am happy with IPhones but just needed more space to download music, etc. Very happy with the camera quality as well.

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  • de wallaby86June 05, 2019

    A solid baseline

    Aside from lack of a 3.5mm head jack, it's about as good of an iPhone as you can get without jumping up to the Face ID generation. I appreciate a small phone, and while not tiny, I find the regular sized iPhone to be manageable.

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  • de sharkislandmanMarch 31, 2020

    Great iPhone even in 2020

    I like the smaller form factor compare to most new iPhone. Prefer finger id, better battery life than iPhone 7, its fast, and true tone display makes it easier on eyes. Also its economical, an excellent value in 2020 to experience Apple ecosystem.

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  • de quin_dorsMay 08, 2018

    I Love it!

    I love it, I admire the red & black. I never purchased the iPhone Red before because the Red & White was a terrible choice of combination..... All & all I love this iphone. It's a wonderful product for the price.

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  • de jjh5520November 28, 2019

    Great value & size!

    Very happy with my choice!! Had an iphone 6 - too big & I wanted to go back to the smaller, lighter phone - so happy that I have the iphone 8 -- just what I needed!

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  • de fabrizio.marinoFebruary 09, 2018

    Iphone 8

    Same size as the Iphone 6, larger memory capacity starting at 64gb. Fast, better camera for videos and photos. It is the same thing as Iphone 6 just with better things inside.

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  • de 560_slJuly 10, 2019

    Much faster than my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    I had been using android phones for a few years. Happy to be back to an iphone. The iphone 8 is a good size and is fast.

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  • de tigernose76June 19, 2018

    Great phone love the Red !!!

    I love this iPhone 8 pluse. The Red is really pretty and this phone is easy to us. Lots of storage and takes great photos.

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