iPhone X

iPhone X



Display Size
5.8 in
Camera Resolution
12.0 MP
Wireless Charging
Headphone Jack
Release Date
November 3, 2017
174 g (6.14 oz)
15W fast wireless charging (50% in 30min)

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iPhone X

When it comes to a dazzling display, X marks the spot. The iPhone X makes a bold claim: It's the first of its kind to offer a fully immersive, full-screen experience. With millions of vibrant colors, the sleek screen is just one of the many highlights of this iPhone.


Measuring in at a large 5.8 inches, the oversized screen instantly catches your eye. The curved design makes the OLED display easy to hold. Packed with a powerful A11 processing chip, the phone performs in a way like never before and can take on 600 billion tasks per second. It contains 3GB LPDDR4X RAM and a choice of 64GB or 256GB storage.

A long-lasting Li-ion battery gives you more hours of use than earlier models and more hours than the average 10 to 17 hours for all phones. The iPhone X charges wirelessly via a charging pad for added portability and convenience.


The first phone to offer Face ID, the iPhone X takes Touch ID one step further by letting you open your phone via facial recognition. Instead of a password or pressing your fingertip to your phone, simply look into the camera to open your phone to use Apple Pay. Without a Home button, you get to your main screen with a swipe. Augmented Reality lets you step into a three-dimensional world with games and applications.


Apple fans clamor for the camera each time a new Apple iPhone comes out, and the X features one for shutterbugs to get excited about.

The iPhone X has a dual 12-megapixel rear camera system. It consists of a telephoto camera with f/2.4 aperture and a wide-angle camera with f/1.8 aperture.

The phones employ TrueDepth technology, which uses special sensors to focus in on the subject and create a more artistic-looking background. Packed with a brilliant 12MP, this smartphone offers even more filters as well as a telephoto lens and studio-quality lighting for professional portraits. Shoot perfect pictures in any lighting situation, and zoom in up to 10x for finer details.

The front of the iPhone X has a camera that employs Apple's revolutionary Face ID system that unlocks the phone by recognizing your face.

Display and Design

Though the iPhone X stuns with specs, the true beauty of the phone lies in its design. Created with technology that ensures not only softly curved edges but also a stunning screen that creates more detailed color saturation, the X separates the blacks from the whites and uses a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast to provide depth and dimension.

Crafted from sturdy glass and durable, surgical-grade steel, the X is water- and dust-resistant. The phone comes in two colors: space gray and silver.

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Long battery life
Small form factor
Good value
  • de nathaliabristowFebruary 22, 2018

    A Great iPhone

    I typically upgrade my phone every year even though Apple only does really significant changes every other year. I didn't really have any interest in the iPhone X at first mostly because the price tag is a steeper than what I've paid for phones in the past. I had a 128gb iPhone 7 Plus before and would have to move up to a 256gb in either the X or the iPhone 8 Plus. When I realized that only about $150 seperated the X and the iPhone 8 Plus, I went with the X because Apple seems to be moving towards that style anyway in the feature. So far I'm very pleased with the choice. Getting used to having no home button was a slight adjustment but I'm feeling very comfortable with the phone now. The iPhone X also feels good in my hand. I love the size and the heft to it. Before I bought one, I saw that people said the iPhone X is fragile. But like every other iPhone I've owned (this is my 10th), I just put it in a case and take care of it like normal. It's a great phone overall and I got a decent deal buying it new.

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  • de emillaag0August 22, 2020

    Works as expected, touchscreen is difficult but otherwise it serves all intended purposes

    I'm able to use the product as I normally would without the FaceID. The FaceID isn't important to me, so I was fine without it. The battery drains much faster than my previous iPhone (iPhone 6s) especially because I don't use it very much. It will drain over 20% over night without me touching it. Maybe that's normal for the iPhone X, but that seems like a lot to me. I have a hard time with some of the touch features. I could not get the flashlight or camera to function from the lock screen until I looked up how to do it. You have to touch it a specific way and I still can't get it right sometimes. I also have a hard time closing out multiples apps at ones because it's a very similar motion as closing out one app and I have to do the motion several times in order to get it to work.

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  • de mrsooshOctober 16, 2019

    Sweet Phone

    I bought a Galaxy S10 to try the Android thing for a while. I went 4 months before realizing my workflow was off. My work machine is a MacBook and my whole family has iPads. So sharing files and airdropping things was broken. Most of my friends and family have iPhones, so SMS was messed up. Anyway, this phone is better quality than the Samsung. The Face ID works with way more apps. The notch is NBD. The camera has better stabilization. The force touch is very smooth and responsive. Never going to make that mistake again. Batter life is worse & storage is worse.

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  • de harsh2917January 04, 2019

    Coming from an iPhone 7.

    I've been using my iPhone 7 for a little over two years prior to getting this X (even though it was used) - and I love it! Battery life, display, camera are all good. It's also the same form factor as the 7 I had, but the display is MUCH larger. The only downside I would probably give is that I do miss Touch ID because the phone didn't always have to be facing my face to unlock it.

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  • de Ywc7MFHMTwC@DeletedNovember 13, 2019

    Do it. It’s a good phone.

    The XR was a bit too big for me. This one is perfect, and the battery life is an upgrade from my 7. Also, I was scared but the OLED screen technology really is stunning. Switching from an home button iPhone model, I finally felt like getting a new phone with that new gestures-based interface. An iPhone that is worth it.

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  • de markvec0April 09, 2020

    Great price! Looks new!

    Best price for refurbished X anywhere. Looks nearly brand new. Only issue is phone stated it was truly unlocked and we couldn't activated with current company (boost) So was kind of a hassle finding somewhere to activate and moving phone number, But once we got it set up, great phone,/camera& battery life. Very happy!

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  • de phoenixbaggiesSeptember 05, 2018

    Have wanted the larger screen for a while, right price and right time to buy!

    Excellent screen size with not too much larger (less than 1/4 inch wider and longer is my guess) than my outgoing iPhone 6S. The no home button and swiping takes some getting used to but works well to accommodate the much larger and crisper screen. No issues with battery life so far. Highly recommend.

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  • de linapuMay 23, 2018

    Like the new features of iPhone X

    The battery will last for 1 to 2 days depending on how heavily do you use the phone. The face id works fantastic. I like it better than touch id. The phone is a little bit too heavy and large to hold. That's the only drawback I can think of at this moment.

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  • de pibarra78January 15, 2019

    Great phone!

    My Stepdad got this for my mom, and she really loves her phone. She's new to IPhone, but she's getting the hang of it. She has a lot of fun with it. To be honest I like it too, but I'm good with my phone at the moment.

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  • de C-U7R3uRSxO@DeletedDecember 05, 2017

    Redesign we've been waiting for!!!

    I had an iPhone 6, which was a great redesign back in 2014. All other iterations felt a little lackluster until now. The screen is gorgeous, FaceID works wonders (infinitely better than TouchID v1) and it's blazing fast. Great purchase. Highly recommended.

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