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Getting the Right Shot With Atlas Range and Shooting Bipods

Gallery shooting and hunting are delicate crafts. It can be challenging to set up equipment optimally with consistency, even for seasoned professionals. eBay's selection of Atlas range and shooting Bipods can help make setting up for sessions simpler.

What types of Atlas bipods are available?

Some of the available models of Atlas bipods inlcude:

  • Atlas BT10: Designed for hobbyists and professionals, these models are great for controlled, in-door firing sessions and outdoor sessions in areas with mild weather.
  • Atlas BT47-LW17: This model is great for outdoor excursions and hunting trips. Includes specialty feet that dig into dirt and soil for increased handling.
  • Atlas BT35: A professional-grade model compatible with high-power rifles.
  • Atlas BT57: Similar to the BT35. It's the same design, but this model includes tactical quick-adjustment knobs similar to those found with military-grade bipods.
Essential things to look for in Atlas bipods

While simple on the surface, there are many features and capabilities you should keep an eye out for when selecting a bipod for your rifle. Atlas bipods are exceptional in this regard as they include numerous features that make the handling experience more enjoyable and consistent. Below are some prominent examples:

  • Military-grade construction: Atlas bipods include stainless steel components for professional-grade durability and impact distribution. Joints and handling areas are lined with dense rubbers and impact-resistant plastics to further enhance the product's sturdiness.
  • Recoil reduction and Handling Assistance: These bipods employ design parameters that allows you to make more difficult and precise shots by enhancing the handling experience. Likewise, the bipods are useful for decreasing the recoil produced by your rifle.
  • Wide rotation range: This allows you to enjoy a broad range of motion when aiming your rifle or scouting the scenery for your next target.
  • Lock capabilities: This keeps the rifle in a static position, alleviating the stress and wear placed on your arms.
  • Gripping areas: Specialty grips dig into surfaces, decreasing your rifle's movement from its starting position.
Which rifles are these bipods paired with?

Atlas bipods are crafted to industry standards. This design philosophy translates to a broad range of compatible firearms. Any rifle that isn't made with a specialty mounting area will be compatible with these bipods. You may still be able to use these bipods with a rifle that doesn't feature native compatibility, however. Atlas bipods can be paired with rifles that include or are compatible with a mount adapter.